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A generic online Calculation Software, specialized for Finance

  • What is this demo version ?

    Why a demo

    Why a demo version ?

    Most of AirXCell's features, such as the Calculation Sheet or the Data Frame Editor are pretty much standalone

    Some specific features oriented towards Quantitative Research in finance, on the other hand, require financial data inputs and are intended to be coupled to a financial institution Core Banking System.

    The demo version of AirXcell uses yahoo finance as financial information provider and some simulators around financial data to enable a user to discover these features without the need for a Core Banking System

  • Where We Are Heading

    Where We Are Heading

    Where We Are Heading

    AirXCell is currently still in beta development stage.

    The version 1.0 of AirXCell should go much beyond the current set of features.

    Specifically, we intent to build a spreadsheet application able to compete against current flagshipt products such as AirXCell

    On the financial specific features, we intend to build an application answering the needs of financial researchers in each and every aspect of their job.

  • Why Choose AirXCell

    Why Choose AirXCell

    Why Choose AirXCell

    AirXCell is a pretty unique piece of software in the sense it is dedicated to quantitative and financial analysis. While other software are generaly dedicated to some other task, for instance Excel is a spreadsheet, Matlab a calculation environment, Avaloq a private banking ERP (with few analysis features), etc, none of them is dedicated to it as is AirXCell.

    In addition, AirXCell is fully customizable and adaptable to fit 100% the specific needs of a given financial analyst, a quantitative researcher or another. AirXCel makes it easy and fast to perform analysis that the other available alternative software make complicated, long and difficult, and most of the time only at the cost of integrating several different pieces of software.

  • Current Features

    AirXCell features

    AirXCell current features

    AirXCell intents to provide all the tools and features required for quantitative analysis in finance integrated within a single and coherent tool.