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A calculation software

AirXCell is a Calculation Software for general purpose yet specialized to Quantitative Research in Finance. It provides financial engineers with a dedicated tool to perform all his tasks including portfolio valuation, analysis, simulation, rebalancing, optimization, etc. AirXCell combines the powerful R environment with a cutting edge, user friendly, efficient and online Graphical User Interface.

Free demo version

AirXCell's demo version available here is free to use and provided to you as is. There is no guest access to AirXCell demo. Visitors should use the provided to create their AirXCell Demo user account. Creating an account and starting to use AirXCell Demo is completely free ! By creating yourself a user account, you agree to the AirXCell Demo License.

Efficient Frontier Calculation

Why choose AirXCell

AirXCell is a pretty unique piece of software in the sense it is dedicated to quantitative and financial analysis. While other software are generaly dedicated to some other task, for instance Excel is a spreadsheet, Matlab a calculation environment, Avaloq a private banking ERP (with few analysis features), etc, none of them is dedicated to it as is AirXCell.

In addition, AirXCell is fully customizable and adaptable to fit 100% the specific needs of a given financial analyst, a quantitative researcher or another. AirXCel makes it easy and fast to perform analysis that the other available alternative software make complicated, long and difficult, and most of the time only at the cost of integrating several different pieces of software.

AirXCell - a computation product

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Presentation of AirXcell

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AirXCell key aspects

Discover key aspects of AirXcell

GNU R as Calculation Engine

R is a free software programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis.
R is an extremely powerful calculation environment. It comes Out of the box dozens of high-end packages for QR in finance.

A true RIA

AirXCell is a true Rich Internet Application. Users reach AirXCell using a simple web browser. No installation is required whatsoever. Yet the user experience is strictly identical, even above desktop application software.
Thanks to AJAX and Dojo, users use AirXCell in a web browser just as if it is an full blend desktop application running on their computer.

Modularity / Extensibility

AirXCell is rather a framework, a kernel supporting various modules, than a final application. Modules are either implemented by AirXCell's editor (Calculation Sheet, the Data Frame Editor, etc) or customer's IT department.
Even end users can write their own application on AirXCell in the form of Dynamic forms (very similar in concept than VBA applications on top of Excel)

QR in Finance

AirXcell's initial focus is a complete Quantitative Research laboratory for finance with all the required applications. Specifically, various forms are provided to enable users to perform portfolio (funds, etc.) analysis, simulation, rebalancing and optimization.
It is intented to integrate smoothly in any Core Banking System.

super Fast Updates And fixes

AirXCell is under heavy active development, but we tag and deploy a new stable version every few weeks. New features are implemented and discovered bugs are corrected at a very fast pace.
AirXcell is currently in version 0.5.9. It is production ready but it doesn't provide yet the complete set of features required to fullfil its goals.

Yet a beta version

Reach the AirXCell Demo version
AirXCell's demo version is available online from within your web browser just as if it has been installed within your company. It uses Yahoo finance as financial information provider instead of your own Core Banking System.


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Email: info-AT-airxcell-DOT-com
Website: http://www.airxcell.com


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